TrackR bravo – an indiegogo campaign done correctly

While I don’t have much experience with crowd funding per se, I have to highlight this campaign for TrackR bravo, an item tracking device which promises to end the annoyance of lost keys, wallets, phones and more. The overwhelming success of the campaign, $921,970 raised of a $20,000 goal at the time of writing, confirms that the habit of constantly loosing ones essential items is not confined to my household, but something that irritates a lot of people all around the world.

The TrackR bravo campaign is very well handled, providing backers with frequent and relevant updates. Even more commendable, is the fact that during the campaigns the team behind TrackR bravo has improved the product a lot, something made possible by the campaigns huge success. Amongst other improvements the team has managed to reduce the device size as well as providing some very nice color options and custom laser engraving. These options are offered at reasonable prices as well. A flat rate of $10 will allow you to engrave every device in your perk with a custom text.

The campaign runs for another 9 days, so if you frequently loose your keys, wallet, phone etc. be sure to check out TrackR bravo on Indiegogo.

Heathen footwear from Berlin

AtheistBerlin is a small outfit making some really nice shoes. I just received my pair, and I’d recommend them for anyone with a sense of humor, style and rational thinking. In addition to looking great and giving you a chance to signal your non-belief in style, they also smell great. And I mean really great. Oh, and they’re also insanely comfortable, which is important.

I snapped a few close-ups with my camera for your enjoyment:

You can order your own pair here.